Wei-Jen Yuan
Wei-Jen Yuan is a Principal on the Credit team.  Prior to joining MSD in 2022, Wei-Jen was at Oval Park Capital investing in early-stage sustainable ag/clean-energy ventures.  Wei-Jen was most recently Senior Analyst and Partner at Snowcat Capital covering public/private investments within retail, metals and mining, leisure and consumer products, and was a Senior Analyst at DSC Meridian Capital prior to Snowcat.  Wei-Jen spent his career in various roles including high yield publishing analyst at Goldman Sachs, high yield and distressed desk analyst at Credit Suisse, and leveraged finance at Royal Bank of Scotland.

Wei-Jen attended the Juilliard School of Music before transferring to Harvard University to pursue a B.A. in Economics.  Wei-Jen also holds an M.M. from the Yale School of Music.