MSD Growth is focused on investing in world-class, rapidly growing, founder-led, private technology companies.

MSD Growth is distinguished by the patient, long-term nature of our capital, and the ability to be a flexible partner in how we invest alongside innovative teams and co-investors.

Our roots are steeped in technology innovation and we are actively seeking to invest in new, iconic, entrepreneurial, innovative, leading companies of the future.

The MSD Growth team brings more than two decades of successful technology-related investing and operating experience. MSD Growth is seeking exceptional growth companies with proven unit economics and strong commercial acceptance of their products where technology risk has been mitigated. We have the ability to make investments from $10 million to $100+ million in a single company. We have a bias towards capital efficient businesses principally in the enterprise, consumer, fintech and healthcare industries. We have the flexibility to lead but can also be a valuable co-investor. 

Our team is based both in New York City and San Francisco. We would welcome an opportunity to engage in a conversation with you.