Public Equities



The MSD Public Equities Team invests in durable, high-quality businesses with capable management at compelling valuations. We focus on finding investments that we can hold for years or decades.


The team employs a fundamental, research-driven approach and seeks to deeply understand the businesses we invest in. “Knowing what we own” allows us to be opportunistic when others are fearful and avoid permanent impairments of capital.


The team utilizes a carefully designed set of processes and tools that balance creative idea generation and deep research with rigorous, systematic portfolio construction. We believe that a disciplined, repeatable process is essential to achieving sustained investing success.


The team targets attractive risk-adjusted performance by seeking above-market returns with below-market risk over a market cycle.

Dedicated Team

MSD’s Public Equity Team has built a culture defined by personal and intellectual integrity, curiosity and teamwork. We are always trying to improve in every aspect of our work.

The Portfolio Manager has been managing or co-managing a public equity strategy at MSD for over 10 years and has more than 20 years of experience investing in public markets. He is supported by a cohesive team with experience in a variety of sectors and asset classes.