Real Estate



The MSD Real Estate team maintains a fundamental, value-oriented investment approach seeking high quality assets with significant barriers to entry and strong long-term growth characteristics. Since its founding in 2004, the MSD Real Estate team has committed approximately $2.5 billion of equity into more than 35 real estate and real estate-related transactions.


We seek to create significant long-term value while mitigating downside risk through asset quality, location, durability of cash flow, deal structure and cost basis. We pursue markets or property types with long-term tailwinds and opportunities where we have a competitive advantage because of our differentiated capital.


In every investment we make, we maintain a long-term mindset. We look for value-oriented investments across most real estate property types: existing assets with repositioning or redevelopment potential; ground-up development; as well as investments in real estate operating companies. The team seeks control investments, typically equity but often structured, both directly and through joint ventures with best-in-class operators and developers.